Connor Blakley’s Influence Academy

I run a digital mastermind academy that happens multiple times a week where I help young people accelerate growth in their business and personal life by giving them inside insights, access to my personal resource arsenal, and more!

If you’re asking yourself these questions,
Influence Academy is right for you

How do I Start Up?

How do I Get My First Clients?

How do I Meet The Right People?

How do I Get Press?

How do I Become an
Influencer on Social Media?

How do I Deal with School and Business?

“Because of Connors tactics, I was able to book Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, and the Founder of Twitter on my podcast within two months!”

Jesse Kay, 18 • CEO of VYBR Media and host of Trendsetters Podcast

Pillars of the academy


The content for young entrepreneurs and motivated young people is NO longer tactical, or realistic. I personally can only watch so many motivational videos or someone yelling at a camera. What I teach gets immediate results, and can be easily ripped off and duplicated by you to help get you where you want to go quicker!


I am only capping the academy for the first few months at 500 students. I want this to be intimate. These teachings and stories mean nothing unless you have a community of other ambitious people you can grow with and share with. This was PIVOTAL for me in my journey, and still in. Upon entry you will join a curated Facebook group with already over 4,000 active members of Next Gen movers and shakers trying to get to the next level.

Real Wisdom

I will introduce and modernize some of the timeless principles that legendary entrepreneurs like Jay Abraham and Harvey Mackay have personally taught me. I’ve been through nearly everything a young entrepreneur can have happen. One of my greatest joys is able to take the mistakes I have made, and things that have happened to me and distilling them into relatable practical teachings that young people can learn from and enjoy.


As we grow together as ambitious young people we need to examine the world through a global lens to understand the possibilities of our impact. Our energy and knowledge means nothing if we don’t use it to make the world a better place. I am partnered with several organizations that will help give you the ability and access to create real change.

Roller Coaster Regulation

Being young and ambitious is not easy. Everyone around you (even the ones you love the most) starts to doubt and question everything you do. Managing the stress and emotions that come along with this rollercoaster of a life is crucial. I have developed several systems and key techniques to keep you from driving yourself insane!

Connor has worked with:

Connor has
worked with:

The Reason for the Influence Academy

“I have ADHD; school was tough for me. In middle school, I paid people to do my homework and then started a business selling homework to others, which obviously got me in trouble. At 17, I got kicked out of high school.

I wasn’t a bad kid, but the system was failing me. Maybe you can relate. Please know that it’s NOT your fault and you are NOT alone. Many successful entrepreneurs struggled in school, but were still able to do awesome, amazing things (even become rich!) because they learned, not from textbooks, but from connecting with other successful people who were where they wanted to be. This is what I did and it changed my life.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of BS out there. I get emails and dms from kids everyday saying that they had got scammed by an ecommerce course or SMMA program. I am here to help. I’m already making several six figures through my consulting with big brands.

I’m already making great money. I want to cut through the shit to offer you legit, practical advice because I feel like I HAVE to. If I answered every question I got through email, or took every request for lunch, or to talk on the phone I would get nothing done!

I want to help every single kid, but I don’t have time to help everyone individually. That’s why I’m offering this Influence Academy program.

Through this academy, I want to be able to work with you directly to help you learn everything from how to start your own business, grow personally, or maybe even become an influencer.

I am giving you access to share I’ve learned for only $49 a month. Your academy membership will give you access to me and ALL of my materials so I can help you get ahead as quickly and as effectively as possible.”

– Connor Blakley
“Connor mentoring me has lead to me landing clients like the NFL, FOCUS brands, and SmileDirect. What he says just works.”

Madison Bregman, 20 • CEO of GirlZ

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